OAI International Business Advisory
Helping clients expand their Asia/Pacific business

Otis Associates, Inc, OAI, does international business consulting with a primary focus on markets in Asia/Pacific.

Over the years Otis Associates has taken on a variety of assignments for a variety of companies from medical equipment and supplies to packaging and computer and architectural services. 

Advantages of using OAI

Principal’s years of experience living and working in Asia. Working knowledge of two Asian languages. Exposure to, and ability to function successfully in various Asian business environments on behalf of his American clients. 

Principal's line managment and leadership experience with accountability for sales, maintenance, administration, et. al. of a business entity located in Asia and managing to a budget and accountable to an American headquarters. 

Experience in the delicate art of balancing the needs and demands of the home office in the United States with the needs and demands of his "host national" team who are critical to achieving success in the target market. 

An empathy for and knowledge of the differences in assumptions and practices between US and Asian firms and the ability, when problems arise, to look for solutions acceptable to both sides. 







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